Stargazing Bio Research connects you to the biotech industry

Stargazing bio Research was founded in early 2021. While working in different areas of biotech related to business intelligence, we saw an enormous opportunity to provide a product that didn't currently exist in the market, but it was clear that it had a definite place.
We then aimed to provide the market with company databases based on the principles of providing the best in biotech business intelligence presented in the simplest way possible. 

Biotech is a complex field of technology, and assimilating a sufficient overview of a given field of interest, is a complex task. At Stargazing we aimed to use the knowledge from our backgrounds to create databases that can not be found anywhere else in the industry.

The team behind Stargazing Bio Research is made up of backgrounds within fields of finance, market analysis, genetic and molecular biology and much more, assimilated both through higher education, internships and work experience. 

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